Welcome! Croft 1 is a woodland croft created by Kilfinan community Forest in 2018 and tenanted by Marylou and Ed. The croft land is 3.85 hectares of hilly, ex-sitka spruce plantation. Moving away from both conventional farming and forestry ideas our aim is to design and care for the transformation of the land into a vibrant and biodiverse place fur us aw tae thrive – plants, insects, trees, birds, water, soil and humans alike. To achieve this our efforts are rooted in an ethics of care and cooperation. We get connected and learn the patterns of nature by paying heed to the place we live in; steeping ourselves in seasonal cycles and celebrations and consciously practising ways to create healthier relationships between ourselves, our communities and earth. Where we put our energy is led by taking a needs based design approach, which means staying curious, working with nature and using structured ways of organising our selves that invite deep-seated and collaborative solutions.