• dear fencing

    lots of wealths being increased in this journey of putting up around 500m of deer fencing… this weekend I met an amazing widswummin fae Kintyre who told me that her other half is coring what woucl be 7 thousand year old hazel stools…first my chest, heart, stomach, brain and very […]

  • our changing world – RS Journal article

    part of a larger conversation on Our Changing World, talking about woodland crofting, community owndership, the grief of white supremacist, capitalist, extractavist patriarchy and my hopes for communities to dig in and learn new ways to work together and be inclusive. https://reforestingscotland.org/journal-68-our-changing-world/

  • blazing bitters

    As this place regenerates after the spruce, dandelions have slowly made their way back on to the croft. We are nested within the community forest and edged by a path network valued daily by dog walkers, cyclists, children, hedgehogs, an occasional otter, deer, squirrels, mice, voles, a few local cats, […]